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Four years ago I taught 2nd graders and had for five years. For now the Lord has me staying home with my babies. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I have been married for 8 years to my best friend who just happens to be a football coach. We have four precious baby girls who keep us very busy. I love to spend time with family, craft, bake, cook, watch football, and whatever else comes up. I am hoping to start up a baking business with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I hope you enjoy reading about our life as much as I am enjoying blogging about it!



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My Girls

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Adda B.

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Ella Sue

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Chloe & Claire

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chips and Cleaner

Two things:
I still don't have an over or cooktop!!!!  Because of this I am having to be a little bit more creative (or not creative at all) about what we are eating for dinner.  Oh, and leftovers are for dinner only!  Leftover are not allowed for lunch!  If there are leftovers that means I don't have to fix dinner.  Last night we had brauts on the grill.  During football season if we do something on the grill I always start it and Gonzo finishes it when he gets home.  We also eat dinner much later during the season so that we can eat as a family as much as we can.  So...I got them on the grill and went back inside to clean up the kitchen.  When I went back outside to turn them, the grill was not sizzling.  We were out of propane!  So they stayed on the grill until Gonzo came home with more propane.  Luckily he was home about 10 minutes later.  Adda is pretty "go with the flow" so she didn't notice that we were eating even later than normal.  I took the easy way out for our side dish.  It's no cook and delicious.  These are my very favorite!!!!!

When I was younger (without my mom knowing) I would get home from school and put these chips on a slice of wheat bread with miracle whip.  I would smash them down to crush the chips and enjoy a nice chip sandwich for my after school snack.  I didn't do this everyday, but when I did I enjoyed it!  This snack might have something to do with my "baby got back"!  No, that's just genetics!  I am sure my mom would not have approved of my snack!  I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to even get her to try it because she has issues with smashed gooey bread!  She would have gagged, like you might be doing right now! 

Just look at all the goodness inside that bag!  They are crispy, tangy, and delicious!  You can't eat just one!

I have been cleaning parts of my house yesterday and today.  I have to spread out my cleaning or I am a not so nice mama on cleaning day.  You know one step forward, fifty steps back!  On step forty-nine backwards I sometimes begin to scream!  If I spread it out then I am much more enjoyable while I'm cleaning.  Today while the kids were napping I cleaned my kitchen.  I decided to show you some of my favorite cleaning products.  

409 Natural Stone Cleaner!  It smells great, cleans well, and leaves no streaks.  I love it!  Keeps my counters super clean and shiny!!!  You can also use it to wipe down other things in the kitchen without streaks.  Which saves time not having to switch up your cleaners constantly.  I have only been able to find it at Kroger!

Carbona Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner!  So easy to use.  Cleans super, super, super!  Wipes off easy.  If you have a glass cooktop you know that it can be a beating to clean.  This is the best I have found to clean it.  I actually found it at Kroger one day when I was looking for a replacement package of my other cooktop cleaners.  You know the ones you take the sheet that has the wet cleaner on it and put it on the handle to clean.  Don't get me wrong I used to like those as well.  Then I found these.  It lasts much longer than the other and get things off better as well.

It comes with a little sponge you wet and wipe in the cleaner.  Rinse the sponge and put back in the container for next time.  Try it if you can find it!  I am sold!!!  

Another cleaner I love and never run out of is Bar Keepers Friend!  Every time I cook with my stainless steel pots and pans I use this.  (I have also found it in liquid form and didn't like it as well.)  It keep them perfectly clean and looking just like they did when you bought them!  It's a necessity in our house!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And so it begins...

Last night we went to First Event at Martin.  They fill the gyms with booths from all the different clubs, and sports.  It's a chance for them to sell gear for their sport or hand out information about their club.  Every gym and hallway is packed with people.  They also have a huge pep rally in the big gym afterwards.  They introduce all the cheerleaders, dancers, volleyball players, and football players.  The band plays and the crowd yells (well the seniors do most of the yelling).  There are chanting competitions between the classes.  The poor freshman are basically kicked out every year.  I guess that's part of being a freshman!  We look forward to going every year.  Adda enjoys the loud pep rally!  I do too!  These are not the same kind I grew up going to at LHS.  When a school has 3,400 plus students you know it's gonna get a little loud and crazy!  It gets me fired up for the season.  I love football, and football season!  I can smell it in the air!  Literally, there is something about what is smells like during this time of year.  To me, that smell is football!

 Here are the girls at the pep rally!  This was actually before it started.

Daddy and his girls!  This was Ella's first pep rally!  She was pretty somber through it all.  No tears, just checked it all out!  In the pictures she is staring at the pom poms that girls are holding right in front of her.  She was mesmerized!  

Oh, and on a side note!  Adda had on panties!  I made sure before we walked out the door that we did an undergarment check on everyone!  We all passed!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Party Planning

Another thing that floats my boat is party planning.  I love to bake, cook, and craft, but coming up with a party theme and planning everything around that theme makes my heart skip a beat!  No, not really but I thoroughly enjoy it!  I say all the time I wish I could do this for a living.  From invites, to food tables, to outfits!  I love it all!  When Adda was about 6 months old I started thinking about what I wanted to do for her first birthday.  I decided on a cupcake theme.  I spent lots of spare time surfing the internet for ideas.  I wanted to do it all.  I wanted to make the cake, and all the other goodies.  It was very fun, but a lot of worked my rear off on that party.  My mom ended up coming the week before and she was a huge help.  With each of Adda's birthday's I have learned how to be more organized so I am not working like crazy all the way to the last minute.  Here are a few pictures of the party. 

Cupcake theme if you didn't already notice.  Cupcake cake pops (that were a huge beating to make), cupcake sugar cookies, and two different kids of cupcakes.

We also had a smash cake for my nephew Abel, who turned one three weeks before Adda.  They were on a family retreat for church on his birthday and none of us were there.  He didn't mind that it was a girly cupcake theme.

I got her tulle shirt at Janie and Jack on clearance for $10 and I have a friend who embroidered her tank top and bloomers.  

Her smash cake was strawberry cake with fresh strawberry buttercream.  

I think she liked it!  Who wouldn't??!!!

It was so much fun planning her first birthday!  I think I have had even more fun planning each of her other birthdays.  I can hardly believe she is 3 now!  I look at these pictures and it makes me cry thinking about how fast she has grown up.  My goal is to take in as much as I possibly can of my kiddos before their next birthday!  Even if you try your hardest to remember every detail you still forget so much! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blog Name

This is my friend Kristen!  We have a pretty deep history!  Let me tell you the short version of our story.  When we all (by all I mean pretty much the whole coaching staff from Kaufman came together to Martin) loaded up and moved to Arlington I taught second grade at Williams Elementary.  There was this really tall drink of water who was starting her first year of teaching in the forth grade at Williams.  One day we both had to go to a training together after school and happened to sit together.  She was funny, and spunky, and easy to talk to.  I started quizzing her about herself trying to decide if she would be a good fit for Bob (one of the single coaches on the staff, who Gonzo played college ball with).  During the training I got up and called Gonzo to tell the guys about this girl who I thought needed to meet Bob.  They put me on speaker phone in the office and before I could finish describing her, they looked her up on the Williams website.  They met, started dating, and I think we (Erin and I) fell in love with her before Bob did.  Six years later they are married, and one of our best friends.  Tate and Jackson (the kiddos I keep) are their two precious boys and they are like family to us.  So glad we meet, and totally didn't pay attention during that Thinking Maps training!   

This is us at her bachelorette party.  I was huge pregnant and didn't stay out long with them. 
I've had lots of people tell me they think the name of the blog is so cute!  I have to say that I did not think of this on my own.  This is where Kristen comes in.  She is super creative and witty.  She came up with the blog name in about .2 seconds.  We were talking on the phone about the blog and I told her that we were having trouble thinking of a name for it.  I told her I wanted it to be something about baking/family/cooking/party planning/football.  Without even thinking about it she started spouting off all these really fantastic names.  I text a few of them to my family and we all unanimously decided on Friday Night Wife!  Thanks Kristen for being so creative!!! 
This is Erin (another coaches wife), Kristen and I after a football game.  Love these girls.  Only one of us had a child then.  Now between the three of us there are six kiddos! 

Here we are at the wedding.  So, so, so pregnant!  I was four weeks from due date.  So glad they worked out!

This is by baby shower for Adda.  About two weeks after Kristen and Bob got married.
I am so blessed to have such good friends in my life,  Friends you know you will have for a lifetime.  At some point we won't all be coaching together, but we will always stay in touch.  Thanks again Kristen for thinking of a super clever blog name!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Day Off!

Because I have not filled my full-time spots for childcare, I am only keeping kids on Monday and Wednesday.  I am enjoying it but feel a little guilty because we need the extra money.  I feel like I should be out on the street peddling cupcakes and cookies!  (Although I don't think I would make much of a living selling baked good on the street.  I wouldn't buy any food from someone parked on the side of the road!  Unless it was Martha Stewart, or Giada De Laurentiis, or even Bobby Flay!)

This morning Lee and Andrea called and asked if we wanted to come swimming with them.  Of course, "Adda The Fish", was all in.  Gonzo was in Mesquite scouting De Soto's scrimmage and wasn't going to be home for lunch and I wasn't watching any kids, so we loaded up and headed to the pool!  The kids had fun and they burned some serious fuel!   

Sweet cousins!  My parents are sooooo out numbered (5 in a little over 4 years)!  Again, I am so glad we live 5 minutes apart!  Such a blessing!

Workin on their tans!  Really we forced them to take this picture!  They never want to do what you want them to!

So, because my girls are fast asleep from burning all their fuel I will get back to my "to do list" for the reunion.  I still have no oven so I used the neighbors to finish my cakes.  Now, I just need to work on the banner! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Fridge, No Oven, No Cook Top!!!

I didn't keep kids today so I was eager to work on my "to do list" before the reunion.  I love making myself a list.  It makes me feel good to mark things off my list.  I have even written things on my list I already have done just so I can mark something off (not even joking).  That's a little bit ridiculous, but it true.  If I don't make myself a list then the days sneak up on me and I have too much to do to get done in time.  These lists keep my head straight.  I think it has something to do with almost 4 years of either being pregnant or nursing.  Your brain doesn't work right during these times.  When your nursing they suck your brain!  When your pregnant... I don't know what happens but you can't think straight.  It's the truth!  Everyone says so!  There is no medical reasoning to prove this but, it's for real!!!!

Anyway, back to my list.  I had a few things that I knew I could mark off this week.  One of which is "bake the cakes".  I am making 3 cakes for the weekend.  My plan was to bake one cake three days in a row and get them in the freezer.  On Monday, I couldn't bake because my eggs, and sour cream were at my brother's house because my refrigerator quit on Saturday.  Luckily it was fixed by the end of the day on Monday!  On Tuesday, I decided to go ahead and bake the vanilla cakes.  I baked that set and put them in the freezer.  On Wednesday, I was going to bake but my oven and cook top went out the night before when I had it on self clean.  Yes, you heard me right!  Fridge went out on Saturday, and oven and cook top went out on Tuesday night.  Luckily the oven is still under warranty but they told me, in this huge area I live in (called the METROPLEX), no service men could come out to fix it until September, 4th.  Are you kidding me.  I can't cook, or bake!  This is crazy!!!  So, after 50 phone calls and a really snappy lady named Tina, I think it will be fixed before the 4th.  Still don't know the date yet, but it's supposed to be sooner.  Sheesh!!!  So, today is Thursday and I need to focus on my list.  I am two cakes behind.  Luckily, my awesome neighbor said I could run the cakes across the street to bake.  So I whipped them up and carried them to her house to bake.  Approximately 43 minutes later they were ready and I carried them back to my house to cool and put in the freezer.  The strawberry is done and all I lack now is the lemon cake.  I think I will use Patricia's oven again tomorrow!  So nice of her to let me make her house smell yummy and watch the cakes go out the door!

These are the same ingredients I used for the cake I posted a week ago.  

It makes such a fluffy batter!  Make sure you scrape the bowl before you pour the batter into the pans.  Oh, and this is actually my favorite spatula of my collection.  It pink glitter!  I love it!

Here are the cakes back from the neighbors house!

Also, on my list was "work on banner"!  I was waiting on some of my family to email me pictures so I could print them at CVS up the street.  Gozno picked those up for me yesterday so I was ready to start working on it again.  It really is going to be neat!  I think my Nana and Papa will be surprised.  Looking at all the old pictures of my family brings back so many wonderful memories.  I am so very blessed to have the family I do.  I have special memories with each person.  Just makes me so excited to see everyone this time next week.  It will be crazy, but very fun!

Here are some of the pieces I worked on for the banner.  I'm excited to put it all together!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!!!!

So it's midnight (well 3 minutes past) and I have a winner!  I had all the names written on paper and in the pot ready.  At midnight I put the lid on the pot shook it up, mixed it around, turned it upside down and all around.  I woke Gonzo up to draw a name (don't worry he can fall back asleep in .386 seconds, and he did)!  The winner is ANDREA LEWIS (my sister-inlaw)!  I promise this was not a set up.  I promise!!!!  Me starting a blog was her idea so I guess this can be her "thanks for the idea" prize.  I'll post a picture of her with her prize soon.  Oh, and since she only lives 5 minutes away from me now I won't have to mail it to her!

Thank you all for joining in the fun of the giveaway!  This blog has been really exciting for me.  Something to look forward to each day during nap time.  All of your comments on the blog, facebook, and through emails have made me smile.  You guys certainly know how to make a girl feel good!  I am already planning the next giveaway at 2,000 pageviews!  I haven't decided what I will ask you to do to be entered, but I promise you will like the prize.  It's going to be crafty this time!   

Adda makes me laugh!

This summer the girls and I went to Lovington to stay with my parents for a few days.  While we were there we went to visit a lady that my mom works for in the schools.  Her name is Neva Byrd.  Anyone who has ever been to her office knows about her collection of beanie babies.  I think she has every one that was ever made!  Seriously!  Anyway, while we were visiting her she let Adda pick out a beanie baby to take home.  Adda picked an ostrich!  Later that week Gonzo came to pick us up and Adda asked NanAnn and Papa (my parents) if she could take the horse beanie baby (which was one of mine when I was younger) home to Arlington.  Of course they said she could have it.  So, she came home with a new ostrich, and horse beanie baby.

While Adda and Tate were playing with the stuffed animals this morning, I heard Adda explaining to Tate where she got all of the stuffed animals/beanie babies.  When she got to the horse and ostrich in the box she said "Tate, this horse came from NanAnn and Papa's.  This ostrich came from Neva Hobby Lobby!"  I asked her to repeat it and she said it again, only this time it was Neva Lobby Lobby.  I think she thought she said Hobby Lobby wrong when I asked her to repeat it.  Either way, Neva Hobby Lobby or Neva Lobby Lobby it's a new place I think we all need to check out!  That girl cracks me up!  So... Neva made a big impression on her, and I think I must go to Hobby Lobby too much!

Here she is with the ostrich from Neva Hobby Lobby, and horse from NanAnn and Papa's house.  Yes, she is still in her pj's!  I told you, when I'm keeping kids I don't waste time putting her in an outfit!  WAY, too much going on!  She doesn't complain at all!!! 

On a side note: If you haven't signed up to follow the blog and commented to be entered in the drawing for the giveaway, you have until midnight tonight. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As promised, I am going to do a drawing when the total pageviews are 1,000.  It's almost there!  This is very exciting to me that so many people are enjoying reading the blog.  I am having so much fun with it!!  You can check the total number of page views at the bottom of the blog.  To be entered into the drawing you must comment on the blog, and become a follower of the blog.  Anyone who has already signed up to follow the blog and commented on it will be entered.  I will enter you name for each separate comment.  On the right side of the blog as you scroll down you will see a label that says Followers.  Below that there is a button that says join this site.  Click on that and sign up.  Then you will be able to comment on the blog posts.

For the giveaway I wanted to give something that I love.  Something from around the house or in my kitchen.  I went to Tuesday Morning, and didn't find anything that sparked my interest.  Then I went to HomeGoods!  I love this place!  I found what I was looking for!  One of my favorite things in the kitchen are my spatulas.  I have a collection of them.  In my opinion the best are the Le Creuset brand spatulas.  They are silicon so they can withstand very high temperature.  The end slides off of the handle so you can keep them super clean.  My favorite part about them ... they come in several different colors and sizes.  I guess you could say I am a collector of spatulas.  Mine are not in a drawer in my kitchen.  They are in a container out for display.

So, without further ado... I am giving away a "Wildcat Blue Le Creuset Spatula", and Carne Guisada seasoning!!!!!  The seasoning is the brand I used to make my carne guisada.  I posted that recipe a few weeks ago on the blog so go back and check it out.  Any of you Lovington readers will understand what wildcat blue is.  If you aren't a Lovington reader let me explain.  Lovington's mascot is a wildcat, and their colors are blue and white.  Some people might call this cobalt blue, royal blue, or even just plain blue.  In Lovington, you will only hear this called "wildcat blue"!  Ha, isn't that funny!  Not too long after Gonzo and I started dating I said something about wildcat blue and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I had to explain to him the difference.  I mean there is a difference, right??!!  I only call this color wildcat blue!  I don't even think about it when I say it.  It just rolls off my tongue!!!    If you're unclear about this blue I'm talking about I encourage you to take a drive down West Brian Urlacher Street in Lovington (used to be  West Avenue R).  On the right side of the road you will see a "wildcat blue" football field.  This... is the blue I'm talking about!

Don't forget to join the blog and comment!!!!

Make sure you join the blog as a follower and comment to get entered in the giveaway.  You get your name in the pot twice for doing both!  I will stop at midnight tomorrow, August 22nd.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to the Grind!

For the past two years I have kept kiddos at my house so I can stay home with my girls.  I have only kept teachers kids so it has worked out that I have all the school holidays and summers off.  The best part about it has been that the kids I keep are friends kids and so they are like my own.  I still have a few spots open that I would like to fill, so you can keep that in your prayers for us.  This year I have Adda (3), Tate (2), Ella (6 months), and Jackson (4 months).

Today is our first day back!  I always have a screaming headache and tight neck after the first few days because it's a huge change going from mine to a whole bundle of kiddos.  Today hasn't been too bad so far.  It takes about a week or so to get a routine with all of them and then its smooth sailing.  HA HA!

Don't mind Adda still in her pajamas!  She pretty much stays that way when I'm keeping kids.  Changing her into an outfit is a very minor detail.  Tate is looking at me like I'm crazy!  I have kept him since he was 3 months old!  I love me some Tater!

Meet Jackson!  The newest member of our gang!  He and Ella will be great buddies in no time!  He makes no bones about having to sit in a pink Bumbo!  Anyway, real men wear pink!

Great friends!  Sometimes!  Adda bosses Tate, like all little girls do.  Tate pesters her and runs, like all little boys do.  Overall their love is deep!

When one baby starts crying, the other starts crying!

Lunch:  Notice the cute little note on his napkin from MOM!  We had great lunch entertainment!  Sean (the refrigerator repair man came) to visit!  He chatted it up with them.  His phone had a duck quack ring.  When it went off they both looked around for it.  Big laughs!

These two waited so patiently during lunch.

Fast asleep!

Fast asleep!

Somehow I managed to get a picture of all four of them asleep without waking them up!