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Four years ago I taught 2nd graders and had for five years. For now the Lord has me staying home with my babies. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I have been married for 8 years to my best friend who just happens to be a football coach. We have four precious baby girls who keep us very busy. I love to spend time with family, craft, bake, cook, watch football, and whatever else comes up. I am hoping to start up a baking business with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I hope you enjoy reading about our life as much as I am enjoying blogging about it!



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My Girls

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Adda B.

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Chloe & Claire

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

16 Weeks - Baby A & Baby B

I had an appointment today to check on my little munchkins!  It was just a normal visit nothing major happening.  We decided that since the appointment was supposed to be no big deal that Gonzo would just stay home with the girls and I would go alone rather than having to find someone to come over.  Big mistake!!!  My doctor was checking for heart beats and wasn't finding two separate beats.  I was getting more nervous and more nervous the longer he rolled that little machine over my stomach.  I heard one but he just couldn't find the other.  The past few weeks I have really worried about these two babies because of how sick I've been and some stress I've had!  He stopped looking and said he was going to have me go over to get a sonogram to check for the two heart beats!  He gave me a little pep talk and sent me on my way.

I was trying not to think the worst but having a little trouble.  I just started to pray that everything would be just fine with the TWO babies and that she would find the heart beats immediately.  At that moment I was so sad Gonzo wasn't with me!  I knew he wanted to see them too and I really wanted him there to pray with me.  She called me back and started the sonogram.  Right when she put the tool on my stomach you could see the tops of both little heads and they were both moving around!  They were both head down and cuddling.  One laying on it's back and the other on it's side spooning the other!!!!  At one point during the sonogram one started sucking it's thumb and the other laid it's hand on the other ones face!  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  She stopped and asked me if I wanted her to peek and find out the sex.  I wanted to scream YES, but I immediately felt so bad for Gozno.  I told her NO because I didn't want to find out without him there!  I've decided that this decision might have just won me Wife of the Year for 2013 because everyone I have talked to has said they would have totally said YES to finding out the sex early!  Even Gonzo said "Thanks for thinking of me Babe, but you should have just let her look"!  Really!!!!  I should have said yes!  Oh well, both babies look great and are moving around like crazy!  One heart beat was 137 and the other was 132.  We will find out in 4 weeks for sure what sex they are!  There are only two options!  BOYS or GIRLS!!!! 

Baby A was on it's back lounging!  

Baby B was on it's side cuddling!

They are identical (meaning they are in the same sac) so we will either have two boys or two girls!  I wish I had asked her to print the shot of both of their heads together!  Just absolutely amazing!  Thank you Jesus for protecting these two tots in my belly!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sick As a Dog and Party Favors!

This past week has been a rough week at our house! A week ago tonight I started a little cough that seemed more like an asthma cough than a cold cough. I did it all night long and decided I better call my doctor to see if they would call in a Z-Pack just in case it turned into a cold/sinus infection. My OB's nurse called back and said she would call one in, but suggested I give it a day to see if it was just allergies. I picked it up at noon and by 2:00 I was miserable. My chest hurt so bad and I could tell I was getting some kind of really bad cold. I started the Z-Pack then and crossed my fingers that I would feel some relief soon! That night I ran a fever all night, had the chills, and my body was aching so bad Gonzo was having to help get me to the shower to keep my fever down. Gonzo told me Tuesday morning that He didn't think it was a cold or a sinus infection. I was starting to think he was right because I just don't run a fever. The last time I had a fever was 5 years ago when I had pneumonia.
So...have you diagnosed me yet? I got the dang FLU! Stupid flu!!!! I had a flu shot and got the flu! I was miserable and pretty much felt like death warmed over! They called me in a prescription for Tamiflu and I gladly started it on Tuesday afternoon. I had a fever through the day and night and chills through Wednesday night. By Thursday my body was sore, sore, sore and I was starting to cough up all the junk! Through all of this Gonzo was Super Mom/Dad/Husband! He got more done each evening than I could get done in a day-laundry, dishes, dinner, sanitizing, and bathing children. We had some very nice friends bring us dinner one night which was sooooo nice and it was delicious. (I am making the meal she brought us in a few weeks and I will blog it!) Gonzo and I turned on our teacher button and started sanitizing and fighting germs like crazy people from the beginning. We were using sanitizer on our hand or washing them constantly, putting toys up that the girls normally liked putting in their mouths-play kitchen stuff/food, bathing the girls separately each night, washing cups each night, sanitizing toothbrushes in the dishwasher each night, and on and on and on! You name it we were doing it to try and keep this from spreading. On Thursday during Adda's nap I heard her start coughing. AHHHHHH! I wanted to cry and cry hard! I called the pediatrician and made her an appointment for the next morning thinking for sure she was getting the flu too! She ran a fever that night and the next day but her flu test came back negative. We started her on benedryl to dry up her congestion and got even crazier about our sanitizing.
I am feeling like a new woman and Adda is hopefully on the mend. She still has a pretty yucky cough but hasn't had a fever in a few days. Ella is good and has managed to stay well! Thank you Jesus and thank you breast milk! Gonzo hasn't had a symptom one! He likes to say it's because he "works out"! Honestly, he just usually doesn't get sick! Thank you Jesus! We are still being super crazy about germs just trying to make sure nobody else in the house gets sick! I've decided that we are going to be shut ins for a while to get better and stay well. Ella's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my parents will be here and I don't want sick kiddos while they are here. Hopefully all the kiddos that come to the birthday party will be well too! I really despise this time of year with sickness. We try sooo hard to keep our girls well and when they aren't we try hard to keep them from getting others sick! Nobody likes sick kids including us!
Today, Gonzo and I had a little tag team cleaning/sanitizing routine. I prepped the room by dusting straightening up and getting things moved around for vacuuming. While I was prepping Gonzo was watching the girls. Then he came in and vacuumed and mopped and I watched the girls! We made a great team and have a clean and sanitized house! I still have some laundry to finish up because we washed everything that could be washed, but the rest is done. I'm soooo glad Gonzo helped me get it all done! Such a great hubby!
So, now it's time to start marking things off my list for Ella's birthday party! I'm a little behind what I normally am and it's starting to make me hyperventilate! Not really, but I don't like doing things last minute. I like to have things done and marked off my list early! I did manage to get one thing done over the weekend. I made the party favors!
Usually I give the kids something sweet that I've made for the party and then something I've bought to go along with the theme. This year I decided to do something a little different! I have a friend who made shaped birdseed favors for her daughters wedding this summer! They were so cute and such a fun idea for people to take home! She gave me the recipe (and some extra seed she had leftover) and I whipped up some cupcake shaped birdseed bird feeders for everyone at the party to take home and hang on their tree for the birds in the Spring! It was super easy and very quick to make!

Bird Feeder Recipe
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
3 tbsp. corn syrup
4 cups birdseed
Here is what worked best for me: Mix the gelatin and water in a bowl with a whisk. Add the corn syrup and mix again. Add the flour and mix well. Pour in the birdseed and mix with a wooden spoon. Use cooking spray to grease your cookie cutter and spoon in the mixture on parchment paper or wax paper. Press the birdseed mixture into the cookie cutter and use a chop stick (or something similar) to make a whole in the shape for your string. Gently lift the cookie cutter up off of the wax paper leaving the birdseed shape behind. Let dry for 6 to 8 hours. Mine are actually still drying because the back side was still a little soft this morning. I turned them over and will bag them tomorrow. Try this with your kids! It's fun and different!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

2012 Football Banquet

We had the football banquet the other night and took our annual "banquet" picture!  I was actually looking forward to going because Lee and Andrea were going to keep the girls and I was going to be able to go somewhere without kids.  That sounds bad but that happens literally like once a year!  Also, I don't get myself all fixed up very often and Gonzo sure doesn't so it's kind of nice to both leave the house together looking fancy!  Last year I was a few weeks away from delivering Ella and I looked like it!  This year I am pregnant with twins and was told by many people that I didn't look like it!  (I definitely look pregnant but I think people are expecting a massive stomach knowing it's twins!)  That was a nice surprise because looking down at my stomach I feel like it's pretty large! 

Here we are after the banquet picking the girls up from my brother's house.  Next year it will be a much larger family picture!
 15 Weeks Pregnant with The Twins!
 I love my sweet girls!
This is last year's banquet picture about three weeks before Ella was born! 


Pinterest Recipe - Country Club Chicken

Last week I made a Pinterest recipe I had pinned a long time ago.  It looked amazing in the picture and the ingredients sounded even better I just had not gone to the effort of getting everything and following the recipe.  Well, I decided it was time and it was a huge hit!!!  Maybe you have seen it or even pinned it before on Pinterest...Country Club Chicken
(You will find the recipe on the Country Club Chicken link above.)

I mean just look at the plate of deliciousness...bacon, pasta, creamy sauce, need I say more!!!  It was very good!  Mine looked a little different that this.  I did realize as I was going through the blog where the recipe was found that the lady who posted it is Dutch and used a Dutch ingredient in her recipe.  This might be why my sauce was a little darker than hers!  

Here is my version of the recipe!  It doesn't look quite as beautiful as her's but it was sooo good!  A little labor intensive, but well worth it.  It would be a very nice meal to make and take to someone or for company and I think it could be made ahead of time and then reheated. 
 The things I did different: I used 6 chicken breast instead of 4.  I wanted to make sure there were leftovers and I'm glad I did because there would have been tons of sauce for only four chicken breast.  I used more mushroom than she called for.  I bough a larger package because I needed them for another recipe and used half of that package.  I did not use the Unox condensed cream of mushroom soup.  This is the Dutch ingredient I was talking about that she used.  I am sure you could find it at a fancy grocery store but I went with the alternative she suggested in the recipe.  I used 2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup.  I was also using Cream of Mushroom Soup for another recipe and it called for the Golden Cream of Mushroom Soup by Campbell's.  So for the Country Club Chicken I used one regular Cream of Mushroom and one Golden Cream of Mushroom.  This is probably why my sauce looks darker than her's.  I don't think I'll change it for the next time I make it because it was delish just like this!  I used about 7 slices of bacon instead of 4 or 5.  I did not have dry white wine so I used a sweeter white wine I had leftover in the fridge.  I just didn't use as much as it called for and substituted the rest of the amount for water.  You could also use chicken brother or stock.  Her recipe used sharp white cheddar cheese and I did not have white.  I used the regular yellow sharp cheddar cheese.  Lastly, she calls for butter or oil to be used in the pan with the bacon dripping for cooking the chicken.  I didn't use any extra butter or oil, only the bacon drippings.  In my opinion cooking everything in the bacon dripping is what makes this recipe!  Even though it makes a mess to cook bacon on the stove top I would not skip this step.  Without the drippings the flavor would not be the same at all!!!  Bacon makes everything better!!!!
Gonzo loved it, Adda loved it, and so did Ella!  Ella chowed down on the chicken.  This was a hit at our house and we will for sure make it again! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ella is 11 months!!!

I really can not even believe that Ella is almost one year old.  It just doesn't seem possible that I'm sitting here working on plans for her birthday party!  Where did the time go?  Did I take it all in?  Did I take enough pictures?  Who knows?!!!  I've decided not to worry about what I maybe didn't do and focus on what really matters!  My baby girl is 11 months old and such a bright spot in all of our lives!  In this past months she has changed sooo much!  I feel like she has turned into a big girl right before our eyes.  She is talking more and more and interacting with Adda while she plays.  She has started to pretend play with Adda when she plays in her kitchen and with the baby dolls.  She crawls like a champ but thinks we are crazy if we try to get her to walk more than four or five steps at a time.  Adda was the same way!  She had croup over the Christmas break and had three molars all coming in at the same time.  Poor thing was a mess for about a week.  This morning I tried to have a little photo shoot outside because it was so beautiful out! 

 A little sad that I'm making her work too hard standing next to that tree.  She didn't really like the way the bark felt!

 Watching her sister!  She spends most of the day watching everything Adda does!

 All those pictures and standing wore her out!
      Some of her milestones this month:
  •  She started using "more" and "all finished" in sign language!
  • Words: Mama, Dada, Adda (only a few times), Papa, Hi, Wawa (water), and a few others when we ask her to say them.  These are the words she is saying in context. 
  • Starting to take steps around things when she is standing.  
  • Has 6 teeth right now and two more molars that are just about to come through.  
  • Eats almost anything we are eating, or at least want to try it.  I would have never done that with Adda but with Ella I am much more laid back about what she tries.  
  • Got to taste a French Breakfast Puff on Christmas morning!  Now I think she has a little sweet tooth! 
  • Favorite Food: bananas, grapes, Annie's brand Cheddar Bunnies (she is over Cheerios because her sister gave her a taste of the Cheddar Bunny), sweet potatoes, apples, and peas!  We gave her some spaghetti the other night and she was not too sure about the pasta.    

Adda Turns 3! Birthday Blogging Catch Up!

This past summer Adda turned 3 years old!  Right before she turned 3 we were able to put her hair in a little ponytail and could even manage pigtails!!!  I wasn't sure she would have a bow until her 5th or 6th birthday!  We decided on an ice cream theme!  I'm not sure why, I can't really remember!  Seems like she told me she wanted that at one time probably not really being serious.  Nevertheless I ran with the idea!  It was fun!  Here are a few pictures from the birthday!
The Birthday Girl!  Awake and ready for the party!
 When does the party start??!!
 Adda and her twin Daddy!
 The inviataions!

I did decide to make a new birthday banner for this birthday! 
 Front door!
 The table of goodies!
 Neapolitan balloon banner!  I learned how to make it on Pinterest!  It's super easy!  I just need to take a nap after blowing up all those balloons.  Oh, and It lasted forever!  You can make it WAY in advance!
 Neapolitan candy dish!  Chocolate Whoppers, Vanilla Popcorn, and Strawberry Whoppers!
 Key Lime Cream Horns!  These were delicious and also very easy to make.  I made the puff pastry shells about a week ahead and the filling could also be made a few days ahead and kept in the fridge.  I put the filling in a ziplock and just snipped the end about an hour before the party to fill them.  So fast and easy!

 Mini Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops!  I have made cake pops that were very difficult and these were not!  The cake pops I made for Adda's first birthday made me want to say about 50 cuss words.  My mom was here helping me and she might have said about 50 cuss words!  Don't tell her I told you that!
 Neapolitan Cake!  The Inside was also Neapolitan!
 Iced Sugar Cookies!  Usually these are the biggest hits at the party!

 Party Favors!  An ice cream bowl, milkshake straw, ice cream bubbles, and a cookie!
 Blowing out the candles!

 Yum!  Delish!
 Unwrapping presents!

 Sweet Ella enjoying the party!
 Pinata time!

 She did not bust it on the first try.  Everyone when twice and finally Gonzo helped Adda give it a good beating to bust it!
  Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Adda B!