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Four years ago I taught 2nd graders and had for five years. For now the Lord has me staying home with my babies. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I have been married for 8 years to my best friend who just happens to be a football coach. We have four precious baby girls who keep us very busy. I love to spend time with family, craft, bake, cook, watch football, and whatever else comes up. I am hoping to start up a baking business with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I hope you enjoy reading about our life as much as I am enjoying blogging about it!



My Girls

My Girls

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Adda B.

Ella Sue

Ella Sue

Chloe & Claire

Chloe & Claire

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Past Two Days...

We have had some serious action around our street the past two days.  On Tuesday morning we were just starting school when we heard about twelve huge loud trucks turn onto our street.  The kids and I all went to the front door to see what was going on.  They were all City of Arlington vehicles and it looked like they were going to redo our street.  So instead of talking about the letter K we decided to go watch the workers!  Now, I must tell you that it has been forever since I have done a specific letter with the kids.  With getting pregnant, and getting bigger by the second, and the youngest little boy I keep changing his nap schedule our mornings have been thrown off for a while.  I haven't been able to get back on track!  Ugh!  So, although I knew they really wanted to go outside to watch the action I was a little disappointed to be stopping "school"!  I figured them watching big tractors and dump trucks in action was a great "real life experience"!  We stayed out there and watched a little over an hour yesterday and about the same today!  They loved it and honestly so did I!  It was very interesting seeing how each step was accomplished with each massive construction vehicle! 

 Day 1: Tearing up the old "trail" according to Adda!
 Very interested!

 Playing with a little sidewalk chalk!

 Day 2: Asphalt is going down!
 These two decided to use the ivy vines to pretend they were monkeys making Tarzan sounds!

 Watching for birds!

 And we are going in now...the asphalt fumes were headed right towards us!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Twins - 27 Weeks

Well, I am getting larger and larger by the day now!  My food is starting to come up at various times of the day because my stomach is getting beat around my two babies!  The muscle above my belly button is almost two inches pulled apart now!  I am really close to having to ask Gonzo to shave my legs!  If Adda or Ella stand in front of me I can't see them when I look down!  I have to stand on my tip toes to reach the faucet at the kitchen sink!  I have to stand on a stool to put Ella in her crib (we are going to put the toddler rail on in the next week)!  The stove makes beeping sounds I have never heard before when I stand in front of it!  My belly is hanging out the bottom of every shirt I own, including Gonzo's!

I went to the doctor today and Chloe and Claire look awesome!  So awesome in fact that they both are measuring ahead of my actual week mark.  This really is such an answer to prayers because I have been worrying about twin to twin transfusion syndrome, which is basically where one baby takes more from the placenta than the other and is thriving more than the other.  I read this on the internet!  Never read stuff on the internet!  I wanted to ask the doctor about it at my last visit but with all the screaming and snot flying around the room I wasted no time asking questions!  I ran to my car with all four of my kids as fast as I could possibly waddle!  So, seeing that they are both growing so much and just a little bit apart in measurements was a relief!  It was so neat to see them both so big and active together.  At one point you could see all four feet and they were kicking each other!  Hopefully it was playful kicking!     

I also had to do my glucose test!  Yuck!  I hate having to drink that syrup!  My head always feels like it's going to explode about two hours after I drink that stuff!  Hopefully that test will come back great!  I haven't had any trouble with the other two pregnancies with gestational diabetes!

Up until this point they have not told me what my stomach is measuring!  I've been interested to know if they go by the normal weekly measurements for twins or if there are different measurements!  Sadly, they do not use a special chart for multiples when measuring that belly!  I am measuring in at a whopping 37 weeks right now!  That's just 10 weeks more than what I really am!  Oh, and that's only 3 weeks away from full term!  No biggie!  I can handle this!  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!  Really it's a little bit funny to me!  I'm a little relieved to know that I am measuring as big as I feel!  You can't imagine the noises I make when I roll over in bed, get out of bed, or get up off the floor!  It's pretty unbelievable!  Randomly at night when I'm moving from one side to another I'll hear Gonzo ask, "Babe, can I do something?"  I just laugh to myself and think, "Yes, please come over and roll me to this other side!  And put your back into it!"

I can't really imagine how much bigger this belly will get!  I know it will but I can't really wrap my mind around the actual end result!  I will say this, if I had been pregnant with twins first, we would have stopped at two babies!!!!

Baby A is Chloe!  I learned that Baby A will be born first and we always say Chloe's name first when we say the pair, so we decided that the first one born will be Chloe!  She is weighing in at 2lbs. 12oz, and 14.3 inches long!  She is always on my left side and is still head down!  Chloe is measuring almost 29 weeks!  

Baby B is Claire!  She is also head down now!  Praise the Lord!  I've been praying specifically for them both to be head down at this point!  She is the smaller of the two and is either on my right side or across the top of my belly!  She is weighing in at 2lbs. 7oz., and 13.5 inches long!  My doctor said this was a perfect distance apart in measurements for twins!  Claire is measuring almost 28 weeks! 
I'm so grateful to God for how well they are both doing!  I never really worried with my other pregnancies, but I worry with these two.  I think because there are two and I fall under that "high risk" category, and the fact that I am chasing around an almost 4 years old and 14 month old makes me worry just a little bit!  Ultimately there is no need to worry because He has got it all figured out!  No matter what might happen I have to know that it's His plan!  Just like Gonzo and I having a surprise pregnancy and it ending up being twins was in His plan!

I also learned that the likelihood of one or both of them turning from the head down position at this point is very unlikely!  There just is not enough room for them to make that kind of move!  So please pray with me for these babies to stay head down!  I also, asked about them stopping preterm labor!  Obviously at this point they would try to stop it if I started to show signs.  He did say that when active labor hits there really is no stopping it!  We just need to pray for 36 weeks!  I am starting to have Braxton Hicks contractions but because my belly is measuring where it is this is normal!  Please keep praying for these two babies!     


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home, Sweet Home!

We had a very restful week at home with my parents! I needed that break BAD! Probably the girls did too! I didn't have to cook a meal, or clean a house! I did do some laundry, but not too much! My dad was gone for a few of the days at a meeting and I was able to have a little slumber party with my mom like we used to do. Adda was pretty glad about that because she said I had been snoring in the room with her! We are all well and dried up from being in the dry New Mexico weather! We did have to bath ourselves in lotion each night due to cracking skin. My poor belly was begging for lotion hourly! I saw lots of friends at the shower for the twins and around town. I even made it to the court house to prove I was not a Lea County resident and would not be able to serve my jury duty! They thought I drove all the way from Arlington to prove that. I quickly told them we just happened to be there visiting my folks! The best part was we celebrated my birthday with cake! My favorite thing in the world is good ol' birthday cake. I very much looked forward to nap time each day when the house was quiet and I could sit and eat cake in peace! YUMMO!

Blowing out the candle!
Went to the park when Daddy got to town!

Notice the wind! Anyone from Lovington that is reading this blog understand the wind!

Sweet sisters! One looks like her Daddy, and one looks like her Mommy!

Planting seeds with Papa!
So excited to see Daddy!
Fixing to head to the shower for Chloe and Claire! Look at my big girl Adda B! So grown up!
Their first matching outfit!

Two minutes into having the jean jacket on they were both trying to peel them off! Luckily it was a nice day and they didn't need them on!

The girls with NanAnn! Isn't my Momma just beautiful!
The girls and I!

The picture accidentally got snapped while Cammie and I were trying to gather our children to take a picture! This is what I look like wrestling two!!! Ha Ha! Can you even imagine what I'll look like with four! Oh Boy! It's gonna be a wild few years!
Here we are! Cammie is one of my best friends from high school and she lives right down the street from my parents now. She has three and one on the way, and I have two and two on the way! It's so funny to me that between the two of us we will have four kids! Our other best friend we graduated with lives way up north and just so happens to be pregnant right now too! It would have been so fun to have you in the picture with your two boys and your belly Erin!
How many pictures do you take to get a good one!!?? We only took four! That's got to be a record!
Such fun memories and such sweet kiddos!
And...they are over it!
Thanks Cammie and Rhonda for the super fun shower for the twins! That was so incredibly nice of you for putting it together! We are loaded up on all the essentials! So much so that we couldn't get it all home. My parents will have a truck load the next time they head our way! Such an awesome blessing!

After the shower! Me swinging with the four girls!

Easter 2013

Basket of eggs ready to hide!!!
Adda's basket!
 Ella's basket!
 I think I have decided to do a swimsuit each year for an Easter basket gift!  Found both of these on super sale and they loved them!  In fact Adda wore hers around almost the whole day over her undies!
 Adda checking out the eggs and wondering what was inside!
 Searching for eggs!  Don't mind the wild hair!  We got them dressed and that was a plus!

 Ella's first time looking for eggs!

 Ella didn't really get the concept so Adda had to step in and help her fill her basket!

 Sweet Girls!!!  Adda has some crazy hair!

 We put coins inside the eggs and then it goes to the piggy bank!  There are always a few with a dollar bill inside!  Adda was in charge of splitting up the money.  The sweetest part is she is totally fair about it!  I love that! 

 Look at Ella's face!

 Checking out the sweets in the bag!
 Ella's words "Oh Wow!"